Great Tasting Organic 14 Day Detox Tea Cleanse Decaffeinated By Willow Lake Farms

Need a weight loss jump-start? Tired of feeling overly full all the time? Our all-natural cleansing tea features a delicious herbal blend designed to help detoxify, banish bloat & boost immunity.

Feel healthier and slimmer the all-natural way with Willow Lake Farm’s Detox Tea! Available as a 10, 14, or 28 day system, this 100% natural, whole body supplement drink features an herbal infusion of spearmint, basil, rose hips, lemon myrtle, linden blossoms, ginger root & green tea (caffeinated version only). These plant-based ingredients are believed to naturally help rid your body of accumulated environmental impurities and toxins that can contribute to fatigue, fluid retention, illness, digestive discomfort & more. Imagine being able to button those skinny jeans again. Wouldn’t you just love to feel better and have more energy every day?

Our Detox Tea is completely natural, made with 100% organic herbs. This product is as pure as it gets-no need to worry about GMOs, pesticides, chemicals, or artificial anything. It tastes great, too. Drink it piping hot or over ice with a bit of natural sweetener (refreshing!).

Give your digestive and immune systems a boost-and complement your weight loss program- with Willow Lake Farm’s Detox Tea. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to buy now!

• 100% natural and organic
• Choose 10, 14, or 28-day program
• Choose caffeinated or caffeine-free
• Choose tea bags or pods
• Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • Cleansing Herbal Blend: This tasty detox tea blend has spearmint, rose hips, ginger root & other herbs believed to act as an appetite suppressant and aid the body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Want a Flat Tummy? Fed Up with Bloat? Our tea was developed to support healthy weight loss, digestion and immunity. Our teatox leaves you feeling your healthy best without any nasty side effects.
  • Natural & Organic Formula: Our non-GMO, gluten free detox tea contains only pure, organic herbal extracts. No artificial flavors or additives, so you can feel good about drinking it.
  • Choose the Length of Your Cleanse: Available in 10, 14, or 28-day cleanses. Use the 10-day to look and feel better fast for that big event-or do a longer cleanse to enhance your results.
  • Choose Tea Bags or Pods: Available in classic tea bag form or convenient pods designed to work with most Keurig and other pod-style brewing machines. Drink it hot or cold!


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