Fruit Infused Water Bottle Detox Edition – Large 24 oz – BONUS Recipe eBOOK INCLUDED – Shatterproof Tritan Material With Easy Twist Carry Handle Lid – By Push The Limitz

Our fruit Infused Water bottle are the perfect way to increase your daily water intake in a creative and fun way.
They also give you a multitude of benefits, some of them are,
Improved digestion
Increased energy
Increased metabolism
Increased nutrient & vitamin intake
Detoxify your system
Reduce sugar intake by replacing fizzy drinks
Weight loss
-And so much more…

1.Select your favorite fruit such as lemon, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, mango, apple, mint… you have infinite amount of available combinations.
2. Put the ingredients into infuser basket and put back into the bottle, fill remainder with water.
3. Give it a quick shake and your ready to go! Or you can chill it in the fridge for 15 mins to get a much stronger and intense burst flavor.
4.When finished, Our Infuser conveniently disassembles into 4 pieces for EASY CLEANING!

Why Push The Limitz Infuser Bottle?
We have come up with a durable yet easy to clean Infuser water Bottle.
Our Detox Infuser water bottles are made from high Quality, Eco-Friendly, and Shatterproof TRITAN Plastic (BPA free). With the convenient carry handle you can simple hook it onto your backpack for easy travelling.
Another great benefit is there is an awesome tasting Detox recipe included with every bottle to get you started with your new purchase.

So don’t hesitate another moment, Click the Add To Card Button NOW to start drinking the most amazing flavored water you’ve ever tasted!

Product Features

  • EASY WEIGHT LOSS – Our Fruit Infused Water Bottles Are The Perfect Detox Water Bottles, Cleanse All The Toxins From Your System And Drink Your Way To The Perfect Body.
  • REMOVE SWEETNERS – Discard Sweeteners, Caffeine & Sugar and Replace With Natural Flavored Water To Suit Your Taste and Improve Your Health.
  • BPA FREE – Safe For You And The Environment. Made From Eco-Friendly TRITAN Material.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Quickly Comes Apart Into 4 Easy Sections For Easy Cleaning. Top Rack Dishwasher SAFE Also.
  • BONUS EBOOK – Discover The Health Benefits of Water and Enjoy Amazing Recipes Using Local in Season Produce Ingredients.


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  1. Sarah's reviews

    Delicious water every time I’m very impressed with this fruit infuser. The size of the bottle is perfect, also the tube is large enough to fit any fruit you desire, the tube is long about an inch from the bottom and that makes for a delicious hint of fruit until the last drop. This is so convienent and makes it very easy to drink water daily. Also easily washed which is huge as I was afraid the straberries would leave a huge mess, but that was not the case, it cleaned up with ease. I was very pleased to receive this at a…

  2. valerie porter

    Love the handle for easy to carry use. I have bought a lot of infused water bottles and this has to be by far my favorite one. I love the fact that there is a small handle on the lid so it is very easy to carry when my hand are full. The water bottle has a smaller lid that goes on the part where you put the items for flavoring the water and only has a small hole on top so no pulp or seeds come out. That is what I like best. Most of the other ones have a pretty big space and I end up getting a lot of seeds when I drink it, but not…