Formula P2 – Herbal Parasite Cleanse (Adult Formula) – Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract

Formula P2 (Parasites) is specially crafted to help the body destroy and expel intestinal parasites.

Parasites reproduce in a host, often undetected, and rob the host of nutrients. They try to get first dibs on the food that you eat. They secrete substances that interact with the nervous system, causing you to crave the sugary and acid-forming foods that they need to proliferate.

Meanwhile, a parasite infestation contributes to all sorts of health issues; including chronic fatigue and low energy, skin rashes, susceptibility to colds and flus, constipation or diarrhea, fever, cystic masses or lumps, excessive sugar cravings and malnourishment.

Formula P2 is made with organically sourced black walnut hulls, cloves, wormwood, and bloodroot. These herbs help the body remove parasites but also nourish the areas stressed or damaged by infestation.

This formula is extremely potent and is only to be used by adults. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.*

Product Features

  • As a dietary supplement, Formula P2 helps to kill and expel intestinal parasites.*
  • Made with organically sourced black walnut hulls, cloves, wormwood, and bloodroot.
  • Alcohol-free and cold-processed to protect compounds that can be destroyed by heat and alcohol.
  • Proudly made in the USA; we have been manufacturing herbal extracts for more than 30 years.
  • Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 droppers / ½ teaspoon / 2mL. Servings per Container: about 15 Amount per Serving % Daily Value HoneyCombs Proprietary Blend 700 mg. * Black Walnut; Wormwood; Bloodroot; Cloves. * * Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients: Water, USP Natural Vegetable Glycerin.

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