Foot Pads Upgraded 2 In 1 Patches,Lavender, Rose, Ginger, Green tea, wormwood, Bamboo charcoal Foot Care Pad 10 Foot Pads (Wormwood)

Product Features

  • You will get a steam eye mask for free(Gift)
  • The main ingredient of foot pads is natural bamboo acid quintessence.All natural health the product.
  • Stick these patches to your feet every day before going to bed, and keep it 6-8 hours for full absorption to occur before removing the pads
  • The foot patches can improve sleeping,possess better quality of sleep,when you use Tobnbo foot pads
  • Relax muscles& tendons,relieve fatigue,Enhance metabolism to naturally cleanse and help improve immunity

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Dr Hulda Clark


  1. Stephanie Poe

    These really work!! These foot pads are pretty comfortable and they stick well to my feet. The bamboo vinegar in these pads does indeed help pull out a whole bunch of nasty toxins. I woke up the next morning not feeling much pain in my feet. This is a big deal for me, being a waitress. I am on my feet, running a hundred miles an hour every day! I had a ton of extra energy, feeling pretty good all day. My minor stomach pains and migraines tamed down quite a bit, surprisingly. The different fragrances were…

  2. Tim

    Good price, THEY WORK I am giving this to a friend that is very sick and has been looking for ways to detox in hopes that she will benefit from it. I am also big on alternative medicine and I am always looking for natural remedies. I can only give my review of the presentation of this product and not the results at the moment. The package looks very presentable and reading what these patches do is very impressive. The reviews I see are positive and it persuade me to check it out. I feel this might be a promising…