Foot Bath Spa Bubble Soak Powder Bama-Herbal health lavipeditum (Green wormwood)

[Usage]:For daily health care, use a bag every time; If have physical discomfort , use 2 bags per time. First with boiling water 1 kg, stir for 3-4 minutes, add the appropriate water transferred to the appropriate temperature, foot bath 20 minutes, until slightly sweating. One time per day. It’s Best buy three boxes once – a course of treatment.

Product Features

  • Chinese HERBS Foot Bathing powder: 20 bags per box.6g per bag ;
  • ingredients:Grass, saffron,yaoyao,Sophora ,wormwood ginger jiangCattle vigorously, safflower, Clematis, Lobelia, herbs, mineral saltsand so on.
  • Bathing Reflexology , balance metabolism, prevention and treatment of various vascular diseases, adjust blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose, relieving rheumatism and cold for middle-aged and outside the rheumatoid joint discomfort the cold legs and feet
  • Long-standing Chinese medicine bathing, can also be treated with adjuvant therapy for other incurable diseases surgery,
  • internal medicine, gynecology, male, dermatology, pediatrics and other related diseases.

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