Eliminies Parasite Cleanse for Kids

Eliminies#1 (3 pack) Parasite Cleanse for Kids – Herbal Parasite Killer, Detox Formula – To Help Kill Worms and Parasite Infection in Kids – Contains: Wormwood, Black Walnut, and Cloves Plus Garlic, – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Bring back the joys of childhood to your children suffering from parasites. Did you know? A great percentage of parasite sufferers are young children. Parasites often trigger irritability in children, robbing them of the joys of childhood. Eliminies is the perfect blend of herbs and natural ingredients known to completely eradicate all parasites living in the human body with its eggs. NO yeast. NO gluten, NO dairy, NO corn, NO eggs, NO soy or any animal products. Completely vegan .100% natural-No artificial colors or flavors .Lab tested in a TGA facility .Certified Kosher. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF CHILDREN SUFFERING FROM PARASITES? The most common symptoms in children include: Irritability, sugar craving, bowel itching and irritation, tingling at the nose, foul smelling breath and stool. Each bottle of Eliminies Contains 80 Chew-able fruity-flavored tablets especially designed for kids with a fun, natural fruity flavor. Like Elimination, Eliminies cleanses children from parasites. Children are especially prone to parasite infestation. Because a child’s body is young and delicate it is crucial to eliminate parasites in a SAFE AND NATURAL WAY. Find the perfect herbal blend for children in Eliminies. 100% Money back guarantee!

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Product Features

  • 80 Fruity flavored chew-able tablets.
  • Eliminies is a magnificent composition of beneficial herbs traditionally used to treat yeast infection, parasite infestation, Itching and pain caused by eczema, Thrush, yeast infections and intestinal worms .
  • Tough on parasites, gentle on kids. Eliminies contains herbs to maintain a perfect balance of power and safety in completely eradicating all common parasites and its eggs.
  • 100% Vegetarian, Free of dairy, corn and eggs or any animal products. Naturally gluten free. No artificial colors or flavors, Lab tested in a TGA facility .Certified Kosher
  • For optimum internal cleanliness in children. Promotes a healthy digestive system.

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  1. Caprica

    Grinding teeth during sleep… Cured! My daughter who is almost 4 has been grinding her teeth viciously in her sleep since she was about 2. She would wake up crying that her teeth and mouth hurt. You could literally hear what sounded like someone crunching gravel when she slept. I’ve had to let her use a pacifier up until I found this product just so she had a little relief through the night.My family figured either the grinding was from stress or parasites, so I tried natural remedies for stress to no avail. I finally…

  2. Lacy Spangler

    Given the benefits we have experienced I still feel hesitant to recommend it for the following reasons We have been using this for about a month as suggested. We have seen marked improvement in balanced mood and regularity of stools. The previous formulation was a tad bitter and this new combo is easier on the palette and also comes in cute animal forms which are appealing to my children. Given the benefits we have experienced I still feel hesitant to recommend it for the following reasons:1) The formula contains sucralose which is known to alter gut microbiota and cause an increase…

  3. Stimpy

    Contains SPLENDA (sucralose)!! I contacted the manufacturer (Green Herb) about this since sucralose was not mentioned on the website but was listed on the bottle. Their new formulation DOES contain sucralose. I told them that parents who are buying this for their kids are choosing natural remedies for a reason and sucralose doesn’t fit into the same category as the herbs in this product. The Green Herb representative said that sucralose was : “a natural artificial sweetener”…..OK. I guess they are really…