Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Liver and Gall Bladder Formula Capsules, 100 Count

Dr. Christopher’s common sense approach to natural health is based on three vital processes, cleanse, nourish and heal. Since the passing of Dr. John R. Christopher, his family has always been concerned with the manufacturing of his time tested formulas. Wholistic Botanicals L.L.C. has been chosen as the company because of its commitment to the Christopher philosophy in manufacturing and marketing of Dr. Christopher’s formulas. The advisory board consists of Dr. Christopher’s family.

Product Features

  • Natural liver and gall bladder support
  • Formula can greatly increase the vitality of the body
  • A synergistic blend of herbs
  • Pure 100% vegetable based capsule
  • Dietary supplement

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Staying Healthy


  1. Teacher

    saved my life I have a disfunctional gallbladder which means it works but gives me trouble; uncomfortable, sometimes painful. When I first started using this product my gallbladder was in terrible shape with nearly constant discomfort. I started taking two of Dr. Christopher’s liver & gallbladder formula capsules 20 minutes before I ate anything and vuala – no pain. My gallbladder has healed a lot since then but I still have to take two each morning about 20 minutes before I eat or drink anything and then…

  2. Ariel Fisher "Mermaid in the Shade"

    Preferable to a $20000 doctor bill One month ago I had the worst abdominal pains of my life. Kept me awake most of the night, almost made me go to the ER. To this day I’m not certain of the cause, I had eaten way too much that day – especially way too much fat so i strongly suspect gall bladder. So starting the next day I was VERY careful about what I ate, and have lost about 15 pounds since then by keeping my daily calories under 2000 and trying to keep each meal under 300, eating 6 times rather than 3 a day seems to help…