Disposable Surgical Face Mask for Flu – (Premium Soft 110 Pack, Blue, Individually Wrapped) – Pack of 110 Mouth Masks – Protects Against Dust, Pollution & Allergens – Comfortable & Breathable

    Breathing is not optional. With Air pollution and airborne particles hovering at dangerous levels, it has become more and more difficult to lead an ordinary and healthy life.

    With this simple and cost efficient solution, you will always be prepared with a light and portable surgical mask to shield your lungs against harmful pollutants, wherever and whenever you want. Click ADD TO CART now to protect your lungs from harmful particles today


    • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry in a purse
    • Provides extra protection in blizzards and dust storms
    • 10 extra masks per box for a total of 110 masks for flu
    • The best preventive measure for staying safe during flue season
    • A more specialized, convenient and cost effective alternative to respirators
    • Blocks out pollution, dust, pollen, mold spores, pet hair and various bacterial allergens


    According to multiple studies, this face mask for dust can reduce the risk of catching a flu by over 70%. Studies also show that this mask is most effective when paired with the practice of proper hygiene such as washing hands regularly.


    Yes, this mask is FDA Approved and Latex Free. The material used is 3 ply Non-woven Microfiber and High Density Filters to block out unwanted particles from your respiratory system.

    Breathe deep and relax, you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Dust Free Guarantee, no questions asked. Click Add to Cart now to protect your lungs from harmful particles today

    Product Features

    • ✔ Individually Wrapped – For easy take and go, and keeping them sterile!
    • ✔ High Quality Filter – To better protect you from dust and pollution on the roads, harmful chemicals during cleaning and viruses during flu season
    • ✔ Softer Material – For a more comfortable fit, for all day protection!

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    1. Anonymous

      Comfortable, 3 season protection This it’s the first time I’ve tried this style mask and I find that outside in the freezing weather the moisture in my breath condensatessaturates the mask. This hasn’t happened with the typical, lumber yard dust mask. In a warmer environment they are great. I like them because they are much easier to take on and off. Compared to the mask that the elastic goes behind my head. I also like them because they store flat (in my pocket for instance). They’re fine if you’re in a heated…