Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder – 2 lb. Bulk Resealable Bag – Safe for Human and Pet Consumption or Organic Outdoor Uses with Dust Applicator – Detoxify Your Body Inside and Out

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Product Features

  • √ EDIBLE EARTH FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS: Fossil Power DE is sourced from one of only four food grade US suppliers; Mix in water or another liquid for a safe health supplement and detox, mat your dogs, cats, horses fur, give your chickens a bath, or add a scoop to their food for RESULTS
  • √ MINERAL RICH AND PURE: DE is composed primarily of silica and is all natural, with no additives, contaminants or other chemicals, packaged in an FDA compliant facility; this natural blend will work wonders on your hair, skin, nails, and body; No more eczema, fuller luscious hair, stronger nails, enhanced mood, and kill those sugar and bread cravings when you ingest DE
  • √ NO MORE MESS: Our resealable bag assures your DE powder doesn’t coat the entire house; Use for countless organic applications with or without a duster and return to storage with NO cleanup
  • √ DIY PROJECTS: Tired of over priced beauty products? Use DE for all of your cosmetic needs; hair masks, deodorant, face cleanse, carpet cleaner and so much more
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Staying Healthy


  1. Kindle Customer

    Don’t look in your poop! You might vomit! I’ve always believed in using natural products as a way to bring your health and wellness into alignment. I’m really confused as to WHY I’ve never considered this product important before. I have had so many positive changes in the past 6 days to conditions I figured I’d live with forever. I have severe respiratory allergies that produce suffocating asthma with a “smoker’s cough” (even though I’ve never smoked); anxiety; sleeplessness (which is particularly bad considering I work…

  2. Lauren

    People with hypothyroidism please read I don’t usually review stuff, but this worked so well for me that I had to write a review. I am not saying this is a miracle product for everyone, but it certainly has been for me. For about two years I have suffered from mild hypothyroidism, and it stripped me of my beautiful long thick hair, to thin wispiness. My skin was awful- dry, with a lot of eczema. I tried all sorts of things- coconut oil, iodine, fulvic acid, etc. but nothing really worked. On a whim I decided to order this, and boy…

  3. RN by day

    It works! Take it! Everyone should be on it! I was going to wait awhile to post a review after giving it a fair chance to work. I have had such amazing and FAST results I couldn’t wait to share! I had symptoms a mile long that I have been suffering on and off with for years. I have been to many doctors and had thousands and thousands of dollars in tests done. Scary terms were being thrown around like MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression and much more. I am no stranger to these terms as my mother has been diagnosed with many of…