Day 28 – Yin Yoga To Reduce Soreness & Promote Recovery

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Dr Hulda Clark


  1. Anonymous

    Yoga 4 Real Life I went to a boot camp class once and genuinely hated every minute of it so I never went back. I actually LOOK FORWARD to doing Julia’s videos and I feel like something is off if I miss a day. My local studio is great but they don’t explain the reasons and benefits behind the movements, breathing, etc like Julia does, I feel so much more empowered and educated about my body, what it needs, and why yoga is so great for it now. Plus, it’s definitely helped me be more confident when I do go to a…

  2. Anonymous

    Best Thing since Sliced Bread! I am on day 13 and I now literally crave my morning yoga session because it feels sooooo good. My chronic lower back pain eases with each workout. Julia reminds me to appreciate my body more every day. The first few sessions were super easy and then BAM….HIIT yoga kicked my butt…and I am no stranger to working out with heavy weights. I am recommending Julia to all of my family and friends. Julia, please know that you have my undying gratitude for helping me with reducing stress,…

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