Cure Diabetes Parkinson’s & Chronic Disease: A New, Definitive Cure for Many Chronic Diseases. Medical Fallacies Exposed. Why Modern Medicine is … Doctor is Clueless. How to Save Your Life.

A New, Successful, Unique, Effective, and Definitive approach that recognizes chronic diseases as parasitic infections, and cures them. Exposing medical fallacies and revealing the truth about so-called “incurable” diseases. Why the modern medical model is wrong and your doctor doesn’t have a clue. Why modern medicine is insanely expensive, overpriced, and often harmful, actually worse than useless. Contains self-help, medical knowledge, and medical history to explain how to regain much of your youthful beauty and energy, while curing chronic pain, degeneration, and many diseases that are falsely alleged to be genetic and/or incurable.

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  1. Anonymous

    The only book that truly cures diabetes mellitus! This book has the only definitive cure for diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and many others, including allergies and gastrointestinal (stomach) problems. Other books claim to be able to cure DM and these other diseases, but that is impossible, because the authors do not know what causes them. This book identifies the true cause and how to cure these diseases permanently. This is the only book that truly cures diabetes mellitus, so-called “autoimmune” diseases, allergies, neurological…