Crystals: Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a cryptocrystalline quartz. It is a beautiful stone with both light blue and white which occur in bands. Some call in banded chalcedony. Blue Lace Agate is a great choice for self-expression; it makes it much easier to express oneself. It is also a great choice if you do alot of public speaking, it helps one to speak their truth and makes it easier to convey your thoughts while speaking.

Blue Lace agate clears the throat chakra and programs the etheric body for creative work. Physically, it eases a sore throat and takes away the hoarseness associated with your voice. This stone also works directly with the nervous system to alleviate physical tension, it is very calming and people who are agitated are drawn to its energy. Physically, this stone is said to be a treatment of arthritis, skeletal conditions, and as an aid to digestion. You can use this stone as an elixir or on your body for optimum benefits.

Wear to keep the blood healthy, increase physical strength, calm fears, eliminate anger and attract prosperity. Use in spells to gain victory in court and legal matters. Also use in spells for wealth, money and business success. Put in cash register or carry in the pocket or purse to draw money.

Said to be a shield against the ill will of others, overcomes depression, purifies kidneys, liver and spleen.

These beautiful crystals come with instructions on how to cleanse them properly and with some ideas for everyday uses to enhance your life!

Product Features

  • Each set has 3 stones
  • Each stone is approx 1/2″ in size
  • Shapes, sizes and color will vary since its a natural product
  • Stones are tumbled for a smooth finish

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