Clarins Anti-pollution Cleansing Milk, Alpine Herbs, 13.9 Ounce

A great cleansing milk that help with maintaining skin moisture formulated with plant extracts leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.

Product Features

  • Give soft and silky skin
  • For all skin types
  • It is recommended for daily use
  • NOTE:Expires after 18 months from opening

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  1. Anonymous

    Most important beauty find of 2019 I am in awe of this cleansing milk. I was introduced to the Clarins line from my mum and was actually using the cleansing milk with gentian before switching to the correct type of cleanser with alpine herbs. DO your research about how to use this product. Apply to your hands, rub on your face in circular motions and suction with hands 5-7 times. My first wash with this cleanser I was overwhelmed by the scent but then looked at the ingredient list and realized how botanical it is. It’s been…

  2. Anonymous

    I ordered this product off Amazon and one from Sephora at the same time to compare packaging, smell, quality, etc and I was very pleased to find out that every thing is exactly the same. Even the batch number was the same, so I am confident that this is an authentic product and am very pleased.As far as the product itself, if you don’t like scents this cleanser is not for you. The scent isn’t overpowering, but its definitely there. I use this as a second cleanse and like it, especially…