Chanca Piedra Herbal Kidney Cleanse & Kidney Support Capsules [Kidney Stone Dissolver + Stone Breaker + Kidney Supplement + Chanca Piedra Kidney Stone Crusher + Kidney Detox + Kidney Health]

Stone Relief Herbal Kidney Cleanse & Kidney Support Capsules provide powerful pain relief, reduce inflammation, and increase urine output to help pass kidney stones quickly and painlessly. Additionally, the anti-lithic ingredients in our capsules act as a kidney stone dissolver/kidney stone breaker and help to prevent future kidney stones.

Chanca Piedra Stone Breaker
Amazonian super-herb whose name translates to Stone Breaker. Studies have shown Stone Breaker Chanca Piedra to be 3x more effective than morphine at relieving pain- all without the harmful side effects.

-A clinical study in 2017 revealed a 67.8% reduction in kidney stone count and size when patients consumed Chanca Piedra daily for 12 weeks.

Organic Hydrangea Root
Hydrangea Root is an extremely effective diuretic and anti-lithic with documented usage dating back to the time of Native Americans.

Organic Dandelion Root
Used for generations as a natural diuretic helping to raise urine output and blood flow to the kidneys. Dandelion root is also an extremely effective anti-inflammatory.

Organic Lemon
A natural and abundant source of citrate and citric acid which have been proven to inhibit new kidney stone formation and act as a kidney stone dissolver.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
The citric acid found in Apple Cider Vinegar softens, breaks down, and acts as a kidney stone dissolver.

Ingredient Quality
The entire line of Stone Relief products is formulated with a thoughtful blend of time-tested, scientifically reviewed, and source verified all-natural, organic, and herbal ingredients. GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO. KOSHER. CAFFEINE FREE.

Manufacturing Excellence
We make all of our supplements in an NSF & C-GMP Certified facility ensuring the highest quality products possible. MADE IN THE USA!

Product Features

  • CHANCA PIEDRA. Super-herb kidney supplement to support your kidney cleanse and greatly reduce pain.
  • KIDNEY CLEANSE. Hydrangea Root, Dandelion Root, & Apple Cider Vinegar remove impurities in kidneys.
  • KIDNEY SUPPORT. Safe & effective natural ingredients support and restore healthy kidney function.
  • KIDNEY STONE DISSOLVER. Packed with naturally occurring citrates and anti-lithic ingredients.
  • STONE FREE. Clinical research shows a 67.8% reduction in kidney stone count/size with 12 weeks use.

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