Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit, Removal Of Wastes & Impurities, Healthy Detoxification – Peppermint

The Colon Cleansing Kit™ is specifically designed to keep your colon clean by optimizing your digestive system’s ability to break down food, absorb nutrients and eliminate wastes through regular, healthy bowel movements. This easy-to-use program contains our bestselling Digestive Stimulator™ herbal laxative which is designed to restore regularity gently and safely, and Toxin Absorber™ powder, which helps escort toxins and impurities out of the body. The unique combination of these two products provide powerful support for a clean, healthy colon and digestive regularity. This kit is available in ginger and peppermint flavors

Product Features

  • Facilitates the removal of wastes and impurities from the colon by encouraging healthy detoxification and elimination of toxins
  • Supports optimal digestive health and regularity, offering relief from occasional constipation, bloating, gas and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • Helps increase mental clarity, energy and vitality, while reducing food cravings and promoting clearer skin*
  • Can be easily customized to an 8, 9 or 30 day program to fit your lifestyle and your body’s individual needs*
  • Made in an FDA inspected facility to meet the stringent standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP) for quality, purity, potency and disintegration.


Cure Help Health Tips


  1. Drey B

    I have been renewed and reset This is my 8th day in using this product. It has been a pleasant experience. It does everything that it says it does and well worth the price. I feel like Im on my way to a better me. I am a woman over 40 that decided to change my attitude and direction in my health. I dont eat red meat and I do endulge in veggies and lean protein in my diet. I still feel changes are still needed since Ive reached that aged. I read JJ Smith book and she recommended to detoxify the body, expecially the…

  2. Robert Martinez

    This stuff really works! I did the “Best Option” choice and what I saw come out of me on the 8th day of the cleanse I still could not believe it ( if you go to there website and see the pics, you will understand). The kit comes with easy to understand instructions and everything else you will need, is really easy, all you need is a little Will Power because the powders is one of the strongest appetite suppressant I ever had.I never felt hungry throughout the first 8 days of the “Best Option” cleanse. After completing…