Ayurtox – 30 Day Detox Program, 60 Capsules

Ayurtox contains 100% herbal extracts from 16 botanicals used for thousands of years in India’s Traditional Medicine System (Ayurveda) to promote toxin removal. Our proprietary formulation delivers 421 natural phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that exert 611 synergistic activities on your body to eliminate toxins and bolster your detoxification system.

Product Features

  • Supports your detoxification system (liver, kidney, and colon) to remove toxins from your body.
  • Promotes Healthy Liver Function (through extracts of Licorice, Chicory, and Neem).
  • Maintains Normal Kidney Function (through extracts of Indian Madder and Tribulus).
  • Fosters Improved Digestion and Daily Bowel Movements (through extracts of Chebulic Myrobalan, Ginger, and Phyllanthus Amarus).
  • Elevates Immune Response to Combat Pathogens (through extracts of Indian Jalap, Shatavari, and Picrorhiza).


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One comment

  1. Amethist

    Power of natural detoxification – Flatten my stomach I found it to be working well. It purifies my body and it gives me extra energy to do my routine work.Ayurtox helped me to detox in a natural way. I used to have an irregular bowel movement and now every after meal, nature’s call, leading me to the toilet and flushes the toxins from the processed food.One thing that I really noticed is that, since I keep on flushing those unnecessary elements, its flatten my stomach. It seems that those extra fats also were flushed out…