ARTIFUN Moxa Navel Sticker Warm Belly Paste Belly Patch Chinese Massage Wormwood Treatment Patches


Type:Navel Sticker


Country/Region of Manufacture:China

NET WT:50g

Color:as shown

Skin Type:All skin types

Shelf life:2 years

Package included:1 x Box of Navel Stickers


When using the navel sticker, fully contact the navel sticker with the navel, leaving no gaps.

One tablet every night before going to bed, placed in the navel, fixed with a special umbilical patch, and taken out the next day after getting up.

Note: It is may not suitable for people with severe skin allergies.

Product Features

  • Completely regulate and dredge the meridians and organs, promote blood circulation, enhance spleen and stomach function, regulate endocrine, promote balance between supply and demand in the body, and completely eliminate the body’s fat factors.
  • It helps warm belly, regulate spleen and stomach and adjust human growth.
  • Stick to the yongquan acupoint, helps downbear fire
  • Anti-allergy breathable non-woven fabrics made, easy to use.
  • Adops natural high quality material, no damage to the, safe use.

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