Animal Essentials Body Cleanse 1 fl oz

Animal Essentials Body Cleanse is a synergistic blend of time honored botanicals, formulated to cleanse the body and support healthy liver function and normal removal of systemic waste.

Product Features

  • 1 fl oz of herbal liver support for dogs and cats
  • Promotes body’s healthy waste elimination and supports a healthy immune system
  • Glycerin-based supplement made with burdock root, dandelion root & herb, slippery elm bark, yellow dock root
  • National Animal Supplement Council quality seal
  • Made in the USA

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Cure Help Health Tips


  1. Dee L

    Has done Wonders!!! My vet had prescribed this for my dog who was diagnosed with liver cancer and not expected to be with us very long. She was retaining a lot of fluid and the diuretic’s weren’t doing enough. Since she has been taking the constitutional blend she doesn’t have the fluid retention and her tear stains have cleared up too. Not to sound like a commercial but I do believe that this stuff has helped prolonged her life. It has been almost 6 months now since the diagnosis. I am for natural and organic…

  2. Devourer of Books

    Good value I have been giving this to my 6 year old golden retriever for a month now. In October of 2015 I found a lump on him and his vet diagnosed it as a mast cell tumor. Thankfully after it was removed he was cleared of any cancer. The vet did say that more tumors could grow in the future. To prevent this I changed his diet to something more high quality and went in search of a product that naturally fights cancer. I learned about Essiac, but other brands were too expensive. Then I found this brand…

  3. Honestly Driven

    Animal Apawthecary Constitutional Blend Animal Apawthecary Constitutional Blend is a wonderful product. Our 8 year old female cat was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She became very sick, wouldn’t eat or drink, lost weight and hid in our basement. Our insightful Vet, Dr. Lynn Gulledge, placed her on Prednisolone and Leukeran (a mild chemotherapy drug that attacks the cancer cells but also attacks the immune system). She also recommended that we go to a wonderful store in our area called Pet Sage to see what alternative supplements they…