Aerobic Life Mag O7 Oxygen Digestive System Cleanser Capsule (30 Count)

Mag07 is a scientifically formulated, all natural colon cleanse product used to safely relieve constipation, irritable bowel, candidiasis and other digestive ailments associated with unhealthy colon.

Product Features

  • all natural colon cleanse product
  • safely relieve constipation
  • safely relieve irritable bowel
  • safely relieve candidiasis and other digestive ailments
  • promote healthy digestive tract


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  1. Amazon Customer

    cleanse review This really did work for me, but I caution people from excessive use of the product because there can be long-term consequences. I ended up losing some serious weight when using this product. My stools went from very solid to very loose, and I have no trouble with BMs. However…A little backstory. I have struggled with weight and bowel-movements almost my entire adult life. I’ve tried increasing my fiber intake, using artificial fiber-supplementation, and just about everything to…

  2. Hazelnut447

    Complete Digestive Reset! No Cramping Or Upset Stomach! Let me start by saying that my initial review I had in mind would have given this a 2 or 3 and I am happy I decided to wait.This my be TMI but I am going to write it anyway about my experienceI used this as directed for 7 days. 5 pills at night with at least 8 oz of water. Every morning I woke up I used the bathroom and had watery diarrhea, but not the runs, the first few hours in the morning starting the very next day after I took them the first night. My suggestion…