Activated Charcoal 100% Pure Food Grade NSF approved 8 OZ micronized powder

Nowadays, activated charcoal is often used to clear drugs and intoxicants that can enter the body through the intestinal tract, and even by injection and other routes. The systemic clearance of toxic substances or detoxification by activated charcoal is accomplished by taking multiple daily doses. Activated charcoal detoxifies the body in several manners:* Purifies the 6-8 liters of digestive fluids that are secreted daily which in turn helps remove foreign substances from the blood. Absorbs the intoxicant substance and its metabolites that are excreted into the small intestine from the biliary (bile) tract, preventing their reabsorption. Absorbs drugs that diffuse back into the stomach and intestines. Decreases the detoxification work load of the liver. Activated charcoal is the best single supplement for enhancing detoxification. Detoxification is an on-going biological process that prevents toxins (from infectious agents, food, air, water, and substances that contact the skin) from destroying health. Chronic exposure to toxins produces cellular damage, diverse diseases, allergic like reactions, compromised immunity and premature aging. To use activated charcoal in a detoxification plan, take about 20 grams a day of powdered activated charcoal be taken in divided daily doses for several months or the duration of the detoxification program. In addition to activated charcoal, the ideal detoxification prescription includes sauna baths, exercise, a special diet, and supplements (unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C, niacin, proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes, liver support phytonutrients and a comprehensive multiple nutrient formula.

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  • 100% Pure


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  1. Latasha Ricks

    Easy to use amazing product I’ve been a fan of charcoal for years. Does wonders for your health. My package arrived quickly and was packed very well. It’s been awhile since I used charcoal and so I guess I was a bit over-eager and pilled on 2 tblsp. This charcoal is very finely ground so 1 tblsp would suffice.Worked like a charm. Those nasty toxins didn’t know what hit them. Permeates the gut very well, soaking up the bad stuff. Just take a peek at your stool during your next….you know.A little…