A Cure for All Diseases

The highly anticipated return of Dalziel and Pascoe, the hugely popular police duo and stars of the long-running BBC TV series, in a new psychological thriller. Some say that Andy Dalziel wasn’t ready for God, others that God wasn’t ready for Dalziel. Either way, despite his recent proximity to a terrorist blast, the Superintendent remains firmly of this world. And, while Death may be the cure for all diseases, Dalziel is happy to settle for a few weeks’ care under a tender nurse. Convalescing in Sandytown, a quiet seaside resort devoted to healing, Dalziel befriends Charlotte Heywood, a fellow newcomer and psychologist, who is researching the benefits of alternative therapy. With much in common, the two soon find themselves in league when trouble comes to town. Sandytown’s principal landowners have grandiose plans for the resort — none of which they can agree on. One of them has to go, and when one of them does, in spectacularly gruesome fashion, DCI Peter Pascoe is called in to investigate — with Dalziel and Charlotte providing unwelcome support. But Pascoe finds dark forces at work in a place where medicine and holistic remedies are no match for the oldest cure of all!

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  1. Anonymous

    While Superintendent Andy Dalziel is convalescing at a health resort in coastal Sandytown, DCI Peter Pascoe is in charge, and he’s finding that he likes that role quite a bit. When one of the primary movers and shakers in Sandytown is strangled and gruesomely roasted, Pascoe has the opportunity to shine; but Dalziel, starting to feel better, wants to get in on the action too, with potentially disastrous results…. I don’t want to say much about the plot of “A Cure for All Diseases,” the…