7 Yr Old Purity 50:1 Pure Wormwood/Mugwort/Moxa Rolls/Golden Moxa Stick – for Ancient Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Therapy/TCM Health-Cultivationh – Warm Moxibustion on Back Pain Relief (15 Rolls)

❤️About Moxa (Ai)/Moxibustion:

The use of fire moxibustion originated in the Stone Age after humans mastered the use of fire. In 1.7 million years ago, China Yunnan Yuan Mou people have begun to use fire. They burn the tree with fire then fire moxibustion in the affected part, dispel cold evil, relieve the pain. The Moxibustion originated in ancient times China no later than the western zhou dynasty, and was very popular in the spring and autumn and warring states periods.

❤️How to use? Act in airy place where not too much windy after bath.❤️

Moxibustion by pure moxa sticks no use other tools:

Light up the moxa, one hand look for the acupuncture point and put down beside acupuncture point, other one hand hold moxibustion sticks and height 2cm distance the acupuncture point. Then put up and down, and turn circle to moxibustioning on the acupuncture point.

Moxibustion by pure moxa sticks w/ moxa box:

1. Cut one moxa stick to be few little moxa cones, then light up the moxa cones and insert it into the box , make sure it can move freely.

2. Adjust the hole covered to suitable of temperature, a little hot without causing pain is the most desirable point.

3. Put the copper boxs into the cloth covers package and buckle up the tie belt.

4. Put the moxibustion boxs set on the area being treated of your body and tie the bandage.

5. Meanwhile, you can move the any moxa cloth covers to your body any parts if you need it. Also can open cloth covers and copper boxs adjust temperature. But must watch out for fire scald!

6. Open the cloth covers and copper boxs after there is no temperature and the fire to extinguish. After moxibustion, extinguish the burning moxa stick, open lid and dump ash rather than rinsing it with water after treatment. Collect the moxa ash that can be reuse on foot bath after cool, for warm the foot or remove the beriberi ect.

❤️Must remember to drink more warm water than usual, never drink cold water

Product Features

  • ❤️ Uniform-slow Burning – Burn mildly to provide constant and proper heat, the smoke fog faint, with clean smell. The moxa ash is gray white and cohesion together after buring. Pure moxa stick through traditional acupuncture therapy – heat moxibustion acu-point, to remove moisture from body, warm the meridians, low back pain relief, upper back pain relief, and promote circulation, the moxa rolls also is best fat burners.
  • 💙 Note: After moxibustion, the fire must be extinguished completely to prevent recurrence. Be careful to prevent burns skin. Should drink more warm water than usual (never drink cold water) during moxibustion to help flush out toxins from your body. Shower must after moxibustion exceed 4-8 hours. It should be a little hotter than warm water if you need to shower immediately after moxibustion, and ould after at least 30 minutes. If premature cold water showers, easy colds & sick.
  • ❤️ 100% Pure Natural Wild Mugwort – High quality wild wormwood growed in Funiu mountain NanYang HeNan where Chinese famous moxa product base. Located in 33 degrees north, latitude and 111 degrees east longitude, has rich sunshine & rain and due temperature produce the superior wild wormwood. ❤️Most popular roll available. Size ⌀18 × L 200mm/roll, 15 rolls/box, for 7 years purity 50:1 Golden Ratio golden moxa rolls. Plus bonus gifts 1 Smokeless Copper Box w/ Anti-scalding Purifier Cloth Bag Set.
  • ❤️ High Quality Handmade Moxa Stick – 7 years old 50:1 golden proportion high purity moxa sticks 15 rolls/box, golden color and exquisite no impurities, soft and delicate, easy to kneading molding. Soak it in warm water is golden yellow, brightly colored and no dusts. These moxa sticks rolled by handmade, more solid and well-distributed, with better performance. Application chinese medicine acupuncture therapy – warm-moxibustion has very good effect on back pain, upper back pain relief.
  • ❤️ Warm Tip – If body poor health, sore or damp very severity, you should start from moxibustion. Becuase moxibustion can more fast relief for back pain, rejuve the Yang-qi, healthy qi & vitality. And Guasha & cupping are not suitable for people with weak qi and blood, people who are physically weak. Their physical strength can’t be bear and will be worse if Gua sha or cupping. Such as elderly, children or those with insufficient vital energy, they more need to moxibustion replenish vital energy

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