3M Air Pollution & Pollen Particulate Respirator, Designed for Smoke and Smog Particles, 2 Pk, Adult

The 3M Air Pollution and Pollen Particulate Respirator for adults is your go to solution when you help to reduce the number of airborne particles you breathe while enjoying everyday activities. Crafted from an advanced electrostatic material, this disposable particulate respirator captures certain airborne particles including dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, smog and germs. Developed with comfort in mind, this particulate respirator features a Cool Flow Valve that helps prevent steamy conditions inside the respirator with every exhale. The soft interior material helps provide a more comfortable feeling against your skin, while the braided headbands stretch to help provide a secure fit and minimize hair pulling. Additionally, a concealed, bendable nose clip helps achieve a custom seal against your skin -and the respirator’s flat design slips effortlessly into your pocket or purse for easy access. The quality of the air you breathe is important-whether you’re working in your garden when the pollen count is high or traveling during periods of poor air quality, choose a 3M Air Pollution and Pollen Particulate Respirator.

Product Features

  • Helps filter household dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and smog particles, airborne germs, and other PM2.5 particulates
  • 3M Cool Flow Exhale Valve helps reduce heat and moisture build-up inside the respirator
  • Embedded nose clip with a soft, foam lining helps provide a secure, custom seal
  • Lightweight design with a smooth inner material to help feel more comfortable on your face
  • Stretchable, braided headbands are easy to put on and provide a more secure fit
  • Flat fold design for easy transport
  • Convenient, disposable design
  • Does NOT filter chemical vapors, gases, or ozone; Does NOT remove odors; Does NOT supply oxygen.
  • Not intended for children or people with facial hair.
  • If the respirator becomes damaged, soiled or breathing becomes difficult, leave the high particle area immediately and replace the respirator. Always follow the fitting instructions each time a respirator is worn.

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  1. Anonymous

    Watch the video to show how to use this mask correctly. I live in the mountains in California, and we have had allot of fires all through the state in the summer for the last few years. I can’t remember the fires ever being this bad, awful, and burning for almost All summer.It has been so smoky we cannot sit outside, go hiking, or walking. That said I really cannot complain as the fires have not burned on my Property or home.I have bought different types of pollution masks, but some even make it harder to breath…

  2. Anonymous

    My husband & I have been working on our historic log cabin (think Abe Lincoln). The previous owners painted the interior logs white. It looks awful & is incredibly difficult to get off of the logs due to them being hand cut with an axe (in other words they are not smooth, not even a teensy bit). We have been using power tools with wire brush attachments to get the paint off bit by bit. The dust this creates is insane. The filters we were using helped (anything is better than nothing) but…

  3. Anonymous

    Let’s face it, none of these masks are really comfortable. However, they’re a lot more comfortable than getting your lungs choked with particles. Do yourself a favor and watch the video on the Amazon listing page so you get the mask on right. Once it’s on, it’s tolerable, and the valve that opens when you breathe out is a godsend for those of us who wear glasses, as it minimizes fogging, and also prevents that hot, choking feeling some of the 3M masks can give you. This is a good, inexpensive…